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We are mostly forgetful.

We forget to take care of ourselves.

We forget to pay attention to life.

We forget to stay mindful.

When we do remember to pay attention, the mind is fleeting and distracted.

We run on autopilot and allow moments to pass us by.

We engage in unhealthy behaviours.
We fall back into old patterns that no longer work for us.

We resolve to change, but it's hard to do this alone.

We try to keep practicing, but over and over we forget.

We need help to keep in mind why we should pay attention.

We need help to remember to live better.

Enter niàn.

A learning hub with resources on mindful urban living.

A community that helps one another keep up with practice.

A driver of both personal and collective growth.

A reminder to live skillfully and thoughtfully.

Take advantage of the free plan.

Get access to learning resources.

Begin with the right understanding.

Read our articles about mindful urban living.

Develop the skills you need to navigate life.

Find accountability partners to practice with.

A sangha is a community that supports one another in living better.

Contribute your insights and ask questions in the forum.

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