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Hi, I'm Erin

I am a mindfulness coach, and curator of niàn​.

I've devoted the rest of my life to advocating mindfulness as a way of life.


I'd like to share with you why.

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Before mindfulness, I never knew
how to take care of myself.

I spent almost a decade dabbling in corporate work.
I worked very hard, but never understood why I was doing it. 

I constantly burned out, fell sick every few weeks, and took forever to recover each time. 

I lived carelessly, and indulged in self-destructive behaviours.

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At the brink of a breakdown

A friend encouraged me to try "one of those meditation retreats".

So I googled "meditation retreat near me", and checked myself into a camp in Taiwan.

I surrendered my phone, and for ten days I only meditated, slept and ate the bare minimum.


Most of the time was spent in stillness. All the time I was silent.

Ten days later, I emerged from the cave feeling renewed.

I thought my life had completely transformed.

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I could not have been more wrong.

That very night I went to a bar and got myself drunk.

That very week I reverted to old habits and patterns.

That very month I became tired and unhappy again.

It took me some time to get it.

There is no quick fix to being well. 

It's a lifelong commitment.

We fall back onto old paths because we forget.

We get comfortable with pain that feels familiar, even when it doesn't serve us.

We need to check in with ourselves more often.


We need to constantly remind ourselves to be well, and do our best to stay well.


niàn is my reminder
to live better

And I hope it will serve as yours.

My vision is for niàn to support you in living more simply, healthily, and wisely.


My role as curator of niàn is to facilitate an environment that encourages a collective to live better, and to help one another live better.

Here's how else I can help.

Erin Lee Mindfulness


I enjoy sharing and writing about the niàn life, mindful urban living, and mindfulness-based wellbeing.

Reach out to me about blogging, podcasting, online courses, and other forms of content creation.

Erin Lee Mindfulness Coaching and Training


I make the learning and practice of mindfulness easily accessible. 

Come to me for designing and delivering curriculum for workshops and programs for your community. I work with individuals, groups, and organizations.

Erin Lee Mindfulness The Big Sit


I like exploring the different ways mindfulness can positively impact how we navigate urban life.   

Talk to me about how we can partner up to make the mindful way of life a part of our personal and collective growth.

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