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FAQs about The Mini Sabbatical

Updated: Mar 1

FAQ about The Mini Sabbatical

Who is the Mini Sabbatical for?

The Mini Sabbatical is for people who want regular breaks for rejuvenation and personal growth, but may not have the opportunity to take extended periods of time away from their city life.

How does the Mini Sabbatical work?

Where does the Mini Sabbatical take place?

How often should I do a Mini Sabbatical?

What goes on during a Mini Sabbatical? What can I expect?

What is the agenda for the Mini Sabbatical?

Is a Mini Sabbatical like a vacation or staycation?

How many people will attend each Mini Sabbatical?

Do I need to have prior experience?

Can I book the Mini Sabbatical and hotel together?

What if none of your partner hotels are available in my city?

Can I attend the Mini Sabbatical at places other than your partner hotels?

What do I need to prepare or bring?

Are meals provided during the Mini Sabbatical?

Is any part of the Mini Sabbatical religious?

Can I use my mobile phone during the Mini Sabbatical?

Will I have any free time during the Mini Sabbatical?

Can I attend the Mini Sabbatical partially? What if I have to miss parts of the program?

What is your cancellation policy?

Can I invite my family or friends to join?

Can I have my pet with me?

What kind of resources and support will I get from the Mini Sabbatical?

Can I interact and engage with the other attendees even after the program?


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