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Please Know That Every Moment Matters

Writer: Erin Lee

Every moment matters in our mindfulness practice

For those of us who practice mindful living, please know this:

Every moment in our practice matters.

When we are practicing mindfulness, not one moment is insignificant; not one moment is futile or ever goes to waste.

Especially that moment when we notice the mind wandering off and guide it back to the body.

That moment when we feel like moving, but convince ourselves to keep still for just one more breath.

That moment when we stay with an unpleasant bodily sensation and tune in to what it has to say.

That moment when we are able to observe a thought with some space and not continue to pursue it.

That moment when we allow an emotion to arise and let it run its course without getting overwhelmed.

That moment when we choose to pause in silence instead of saying thoughtless words.

That moment when we let go of acting on the impulse to reach for another bottle of beer. Another bag of chips. Another episode of Netflix.

Every moment matters in mindfulness practice

Such moments matter.

They matter so much, because each of them is a chance for us to cultivate and strengthen our skills.

Each of them offers an opportunity for insight and growth.

Each of them paves the way for a new lease of life.

At some point, we will be surprised by how differently we are responding to our experiences.

We will be awed by how transformation shows up at the least expected times.

And it is all because of these moments.

So let's not be obsessed about how many hours of practice we accumulate in our meditation app.

Let's not romanticise going far away for silent retreats.

Let's not feel too defeated when we miss a practice.

Let's acknowledge the seemingly trivial moments that teach us something.

Let's celebrate the unassuming moments that changes us somehow.

Let's just continue to practice from day to day, one moment at a time, patiently, trustingly, with this knowing that every moment matters.


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