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We are mostly forgetful.

We forget to take care of ourselves. We forget to consider others. We forget to pay attention to life. We forget to stay mindful. ​

When we do remember to pay attention, the mind is distracted and scattered. We run on autopilot and allow moments to pass us by. We engage in unhealthy behaviours. We fall back into old patterns that no longer work for us. ​

We resolve to change, but find it hard to do this alone. We try to keep practicing being mindful, but over and over we forget.​

We need help to keep in mind why we should pay attention. We need help to remember to live better.

What is Niàn?

Niàn is a philosophy, a practice, and most importantly a way of life.

But it is first and foremost a Chinese word and character:

The Chinese character Niàn

Niàn (pronounced “nee-anne”) as a word means:

  • [noun] thought

  • [verb] to remember; to keep in mind

In Buddhist practice, niàn also means “having mindful awareness” (as in 正念 or right mindfulness).

Interestingly, this character is composed of two other Chinese characters:

  • at the top is 今 jīn (which means now or present)

  • at the bottom is 心 xīn (which means the heart or mind)

The Niàn Life

Living a life with niàn means learning to:

  • rest our heart and mind in the present

  • know all that is inside and outside of us

  • navigate life more skillfully and thoughtfully

  • remind ourselves to live better

About the Founder & Curator

Hello, I’m Erin.

Erin Lee, Niàn Life

​I am a Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach committed to inspiring mindfulness as a way of life. I currently reside in Singapore, and I work with individuals and communities in learning to live more healthily, thoughtfully, and wisely.

Here’s the story of how mindfulness became my lifework. It’s nothing fancy, but I hope you will relate.

For a more formal showcase of the work I do, you’re invited to visit my LinkedIn profile.

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A Reminder to Live Better


Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach, Curator of Niàn Life, Dharma Student & Practitioner