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Ep 1: Navigate Exhaustion by Coming Home to the Body

Ep 1: Navigate Exhaustion by Coming Home to the Body

We tend to want to escape from exhaustion instead of getting the true rest we need.

In this livestream session of Take A Pause recorded on 4 February 2024, Mindfulness Coach Erin Lee explains how we can navigate exhaustion by paying attention to the body. She guides the group in a body scan, followed by an openness awareness of the body and gentle compassionate touch. The practice concludes with a reading of Rumi's poem "The Guest House" as translated by Coleman Barks. Erin also answers a question about fidgeting during meditation.

Practice begins: 08:00

Reading begins: 26:21

Meditation duration: 18 minutes

Niàn Life
Take A Pause
Sometimes all we need is a pause to discover how to live better. In each Take A Pause episode, Mindfulness Coach Erin Lee highlights a core theme, guides the community in a no-frills practice of paying attention to ourselves, and invites contemplation by sharing a short reading curated from a book or a poem.
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