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Ep 2: What It Means to Be Mindful of Emotions

Ep 2: What It Means to Be Mindful of Emotions

Emotions will come, emotions will change, emotions may stay, but ultimately emotions will go away.

In this livestream session recorded on 3 December 2023, Mindfulness Coach Erin Lee explains what it means to practice mindfulness of emotions. She guides a practice of anchoring to the breath and resting our attention on the presence of emotions from moment to moment. At the end of the practice, she shares a reading from "Healing Pain and Dressing Wounds" written by Thich Nhat Hanh and collected in the book "In The Face of Fear: Buddhist Wisdom for Challenging Times".

Practice begins: 15:30

Reading begins: 26:30

Meditation duration: 11 minutes

Niàn Life
Take A Pause
Sometimes all we need is a pause to discover how to live better. In each Take A Pause episode, Mindfulness Coach Erin Lee highlights a core theme, guides the community in a no-frills practice of paying attention to ourselves, and invites contemplation by sharing a short reading curated from a book or a poem.
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